My 6-year-old iMac melted down my hard disk. So I had no option but to buy a new one. The nice techs also cleaned it up considerately, and now, while I'm happily restoring all the gazillion applications I "need", I decided to try out SL while I was waiting for downloads and installs to finish. It's always wonderful to play around with a freshly installed computer, because it's SO FAST :-) Well, I got two nice surprises. The first is that SL runs FOUR TIMES FASTER on the same hardware (only the disk is new). That's not much of a surprise; overheating boards with dust on the fans will run slower. So that was expectable. Now for the big surprise: I tried to turn shadows on to see what happened. You have to remember one thing: 6-year-old graphic cards do NOT support the latest OpenGL software which SL *REQUIRES* to work. But... but... it DID display shadows! Sure, FPS went down from 20+ to 2.5, but... I GOT SHADOWS! :-) Now kudos to the amazing LL devs, who allow shadow rendering in software with unsupported graphic cards. It's AMAZING it works at all! All that for just cleaning up my iMac and reinstalling software. D'uh! I feel stupid. Well. More stupid than usual at least :)

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