The VKC Great Danes are available in two coat colors — Fawn and Harlequin. 

Do you want your Dane's ears cropped or natural? It's your choice. This is no one-time choice. You can change your mind as often as you like with the commands "ears up" or "ears down." 

This is the first VKC Dog, indeed the first dog in all of SL, to have individual toes. Check out the feet. You'll see individual toes, not just the suggestion of toe nails and pads, on his feet. These are no ordinary toes, but carefully crafted feet prims with four toes, with hair between them, just like a real life Great Dane. 

Of course, not everybody is interested in a dog's toes. Some people think more about whether the dog's collar matches their favorite color or their outfit. If so, the VKC Great Dane is for you. The collar has 41 textures built in. Plus, you can overlay RGB colors to create an infinite palate of options. Switching among them is as easy as can be. Simply speak in chat to go directly to your favorite texture or click the collar to cycle through all the possibilities.

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