These hottest, most sultry Dog Days of summer provide an ideal time for water sports with your VKC Dog. Use the command, "Fido water swim" and he will dog paddle happily with you as you swim, sail, canoe, raft or tube in the SL water for a bit of relief from the heat. If you prefer, you can take Fido down below the waves to explore an octopus's garden with you, pay a visit to the mermaids and mermen, or investigate whatever other treasured place you know. Use the command, "Fido water sink" and he will nose about on the bottom with you. Of course, at the end of the day, you may not want Fido running around and leaping into the waves and getting all wet and sandy. To prevent him from going into the water, use the command, "Fido water avoid" and he will steer clear of all SL water. You may come home to find him happily bobbing about in the prim water of your swimming pool because he does not understand that prim water is just as wet as SL water but he won't be playing with the sharks offshore. There is more to know about the water commands for your VKC Dog, but these three will get you started and open the door to lots of water fun! General information — Water commands —

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